How it works offers a water-based solution to provide many essential benefits to long-lasting concrete.

All untreated concrete has pores that allow water and other liquids to seep into the surface.  This stains the surface and can freeze, causing absorption of water.  This is what causes many structural and visual problems with concrete.

StrongerConcrete needs to be applied to clean dry concrete allowing it to fill these pores and prevent absorption of other liquids.

A chemical reaction occurs that causes the molecules in concrete to bond together tighter on the treated surface.

Treated concrete is an absolute necessity if salt and de-ice applications are to be used on concrete.

Steps to using StrongerConcrete:

  • Clean Concrete
  • Allow Concrete to thoroughly dry
  • Apply StrongerConcrete by roller, sprayer, or hose as evenly as possible
  • Allow to dry
  • Enjoy durable concrete without spalling, staining, or breakup